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John James Audubon's, Birds of America

Maryland State Law Library's Conserved Prints List by Plate Number/Title

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blue jay
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Francis Blackwell Mayer Drawing

Charles Carroll Barrister House in its original location at the Southwest corner of Main and Conduit Streets in Annapolis, Maryland. Built by the Barrister's father, Dr. Charles Carroll, circa 1725, the house is framed wit brick that was added at a later date. The house was moved to its present location at St. John's College (Annapolis) in 1955.

Visible in the background of this drawing is the old City Hotel on the site of the present Hillman Parking Garage.

One of only 3 sets in the State, the library's holdings consist of three sketchbooks used by Blackwell Mayer between 1845-1889.

barrister house
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Maryland Gaztte Newspapers 1735 - 1839

Available in microfilm and hard copy

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History of the Indian Tribes of North America

Includes biographical sketches and anecdotes of the principal chiefs / embellished with one hundred twenty protraits, from the Indian gallery in the Department of war, at Washington; by Thomas M'Kenney and james Hall

Imprint Philadelphia: E.C. Biddle, 1837.

Only a few other Libraries hold copies of these portarits. For more information see University of Washington Libraries, digitized collection.

North American Indians
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An abstract of all the penal statutes which be general, in force and use.../by Ferdinando Pulton (London: 1579, oldest book in our collection)

Ferdinando Pulton studied the law and was a member of Lincoln's Inn, but because he was a Roman Catholic, he was not eligible to be a member of the bar. He however devoted his life to editing statutes. This abstract of statutes is arranged by topic and each entry includes the reign of the monarch in which the statute was enacted.

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The Tracts, now reprinted in two volumes were originally published separate, at different times, and upon various occasions. But, having been some time out of print, the author both at length consented to his bookseller's request of collecting them together, and publishing them (with a few corrections and additions in the perfect form. He hopes that the same candor will continue to attend them thus united, which (when single) they formerly experienced.
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Calendar of the Proceedings in Chancery in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth (re-issued 1827) 
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Le size part des reports Sr. Edw. Coke ... des divers resolutions & judgments dones sur solemne arguments, & avec grand deliberation & conference des tres-reverend judges & sages de la ley, de cases en ley queux ne fueront unques resolve ou adjudges par devant : et les raisons & causes des dits resolutions & judgments ... Imprint [London] : Printed for the Societie of Stationers, 1607.
The part of Coke's reports in which he begins to draw on contemorary sources and continues his observations on the ancient laws and customs of England.  

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Ornithological biography: or, an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America  
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Statutes of the Realm (UK) (1235-1713)  
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