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The State Law Library staff has developed a variety of useful internet links, collection guides and bibliographies to assist you in finding information both in the physical library and on the web. Additionally, the Library has undertaken the management of the People's Law Library web site, an award-winning resource providing easy-to-use, basic information about the law and access to legal services.

Gateway to Maryland Law

The library provides links to free Gateway to Maryland Law including:

  • Maryland Appellate Court Opinions
  • Maryland Code and Rules of Procedure
  • Maryland County & Municipal web sites
  • COMAR and the Maryland Register

Library Catalog

The library catalog includes all print materials available at the library as well as links to digital content. Some digital content is only available at the library but many sources are available free.


Legal databases are available to all patrons at the library. The library offers free access to LexisNexis collections of state codes and case law for all 50 states and the Federal government. The library also had databases to search for legal periodicals.

Journal and Law Review Portal

The library's Journal and Law Review Portal provides a quick way to check where a journal is available from the numerous library databases as well as our print collection.

How To Guides

The library offers a number of "How To Guides" to assist with legal research, citations, legislative history and COMAR.

Research Bibliographies

The library has complied numerous bibliographies to primary and secondary Gateway to Maryland Law on topics as diverse as unattended children to motor vehicle laws.

Updated: August 26, 2010

Key Resources:

Recommended Maryland TreatisesPDF File

Recommended General Treatises By SubjectPDF File

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