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The Library gives its highest priority to the acquisition and maintenance of Maryland legal resources. Therefore, its Maryland collection is quite comprehensive and includes resources of interest to both practitioners and self-representing litigants. Its core materials include:

  • Maryland Annotated Code (both Michie and West versions)
  • Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) with materials included by reference
  • Maryland Register
  • Maryland Reports
  • Maryland Appellate Reports
  • Atlantic Reporters
  • Codes from the various cities and counties within the State of Maryland.

The Maryland collection also contains noteworthy historical resources:

  • Superseded volumes of the Maryland Annotated Code
  • Prior versions of the Maryland Rules
  • Minutes of the Maryland Rules Committee. Also available onilne.
  • Unreported appellate opinions (microfilm)
  • Briefs of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals (reported only)
  • Briefs of the Maryland Court of Appeals (microfilm and print)
  • Bills Files (microfilm) 1975-20xx. Please call the library reference desk at 410-260-1430 to find out which years are currently available.

In addition, the Maryland collection includes an extensive collection of Maryland treatises and form boooks.

Updated: January 29, 2015

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