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  • Selected Lexis Maryland treatises on iPad Mini available from Information Desk. Title List
  • Selected Law Journal Press treatises available from Library's public computers and WiFi. Title List

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The Maryland State Law Library is committed to improving public access to its comprehensive collections of legal and government information. Consequently, the Library has embarked on a program to digitize those printed Maryland materials that are both fairly unique to the Library and frequently used by legal researchers.

Our current collections include:

  • Maryland Rules Committee Meeting Minutes & Agendas. Researchers now can search the full-text of more than 60 years of meeting materials to find mention of the adoption of specific rules.

  • Maryland Task Force Reports. These reports are often helpful sources of information used to determine legislative intent.

  • Transactions of the Maryland State Bar Association. With permission from the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA), the Maryland State Law Library digitized the entire set of Transactions of the Maryland State Bar Association, beginning with transactions from the first annual meeting in 1896, with Volume 1, until the publication of the transactions ceased in 1991, with Volume 96.

  • The Library scanned copies of the Proceedings of the Maryland Judicial Conference. These reports, dating from 1947 to 1997, provide historical information on the work of the Judiciary.

The Library welcomes comments on the usability and usefulness of these collections. Please send your comments to lawlibrary@mdcourts.gov.

Updated: March 10, 2015

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